Something is emerging in Colorado...
A new CSA and a vision for honey.
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Backyard Hives

Be your own beekeeper, and learn this ancient craft with the support and guidance of experienced professionals in your area. An enriching hobby for young and old alike.

Produce honey right at home, generate annual income, support local artisan markets, and help other like-minded community members reverse global pollinator decline through sustainable stewardship.

Colorado Honey

Honey is much more than just a sweetener. It has been used for centuries for healing and rejuvenation. Most of the honey sold in stores has been pasteurized. While this process helps keep honey in a pourable state, it masks the honey's origin and also destroys many beneficial compounds that make raw honey so nutritious

Our honey is of the highest quality, produced locally in Colorado. It is strained (not filtered) and never heated above 95 degrees. This ensures that the honey contains all the regional pollen that can aid in allergy relief along with naturally occurring enzymes that make honey so nutritious.

Honey CSA

Community Supported APICULTURE!

We believe wholeheartedly in the health of our community, and the support of local farmers, ranchers, artisans, and growers who have given years to the noble cause of feeding people.

We have the vision of a new CSA with a model that orchestrates the support, production, and cultivation of Local Colorado Honey by the very community in which the honey will be distributed.